Viewing records


An expanded view of the currently selected record can be achieved by using the View property to make a view dialog available from the toolbar. The columns that appear in the dialog can be controlled by setting the column View property to true. The example also uses the OnViewRecordSelected event to set the title of the View dialog for the record being displayed and to set the size of the notes element (using the client-side viewElement method).

DbNetGridCore employeesGrid = new DbNetGridCore("northwind", "employees")
    View = true
employeesGrid.Column("reportsto").Lookup(new Lookup("Employees", "EmployeeId", "lastname + ',' + firstname"));
employeesGrid.Column("Photo").Image(new ImageConfiguration("jpg"));
employeesGrid.Column(new String[] { "photo", "notes", "photopath" }).DataOnly();
employeesGrid.Column(new String[] { "firstname", "lastname", "photo", "notes", "photopath" }).View();
employeesGrid.Bind(EventType.OnViewRecordSelected, "configureViewDialog");
employeesGrid.Bind(EventType.OnConfigureBinaryData, "configureImageFileName");