Linking to grids in another page


This demo uses the OnCellTransform event to add a link to the grid that is used to open another page with a query parameter used as a filter. The sample also demonstrates use of the DataOnly column property which will store the value of the column as a propery of the row instead of being displayed in a cell. This value in in turn used by the columnValue client-side method to create the parameter in the link.

DbNetGridCore customersGrid = new DbNetGridCore("northwind", "customers");
customersGrid.Columns = new List() { "CompanyName", "Address","City", "Country", "Phone","Fax", "' ' as Orders", "CustomerId" };
customersGrid.RowSelect = false;
customersGrid.Labels = new List() { "Company Name", "Address", "City", "Country", "Phone","Fax"," "," " };
customersGrid.Bind(EventType.OnCellTransform, "addButton");