Column Filters


Column filters provide a quick and easy way to filter the data by the values in a specified column. To turn on filtering for a column set the Filter property to true. In addition the column property FilterMode can be set to List or Input which allows the user to either select the filter value from a list of values or to enter a wildcard value as free text in the case of text column and '>', '<', '>=' or '<=' operators in the case of numeric/date columns.

DbNetGridCore productsGrid = new DbNetGridCore("northwind", "Products")
    Columns = new List() { "ProductID", "ProductName", "SupplierID", "CategoryID", "QuantityPerUnit", "UnitPrice", "UnitsInStock", "UnitsOnOrder", "ReorderLevel", "Discontinued" },
    Labels = new List() { "ID", "Name", "Supplier", "Category", "Quantity", "Price", "Stock", "On Order", "Reorder Level", "Discontinued" },
    PageSize = 10,
    BooleanDisplayMode = BooleanDisplayMode.Checkbox,
productsGrid.Column(new String[] { "ProductID", "ProductName", "SupplierID", "CategoryID", "QuantityPerUnit", "UnitPrice", "UnitsInStock", "UnitsOnOrder", "ReorderLevel", "Discontinued" }).Filter();
productsGrid.Column("SupplierID").Lookup(new Lookup("Suppliers", "SupplierId", "CompanyName"));
productsGrid.Column("CategoryID").Lookup(new Lookup("Categories", "CategoryId", "CategoryName"));